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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

[Classic Clips] PRINCE PAUL - "A Prince Among Thieves"

I remember back in '99 I picked up Prince Paul's magnificent "A Prince Among Thieves" and still to this day I play it on a semi-regular basis. Man, what an album! Whether you listen to it for the full experience with the skits or if you make a playlist using only the actual songs the project is absolutely stunning everytime. Not only might it actually be my personal favorite work from this legendary producer but it might very well also have been my first introduction to the terrific Breeze Brewin of Juggaknots fame. Breeze of course played the lead role of the album's story opposite Horror City's Big Sha while veterans like De La Soul, Sadat X, Kool Keith, Big Daddy Kane, Chris Rock, Everlast, and so many more made some brilliant cameos. Released on Tommy Boy Records in 1999 after almost a year of being held back, Paul's vision for the LP was to release it together with a full-length video feature which unfortunately never came into production. However, a 10 minutes long promo video for the album was shot and released - giving us a pretty good insight into what such a movie would've looked like. As I never featured it before I'm bringing it back for one of my Classic Clips posts.

To be perfectly honest, the main reason that I'm posting this right now is because Red Bull Academy just posted a brilliant interview with Breeze about his experiences working with Prince Paul on "A Prince Among Thieves". For fans of the album and Breeze/Juggaknots that one's an absolute must read, so don't sleep - check it out here. And as the good guy that I happen to be I'm also taking this opportunity to bless you with a cool lil' treat - the original "album trailer" mixed by Prince Paul and included on the promo 12" for "More Than You Know" - definitely a real cool listen with some hilarious voice overs!

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