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Friday, March 7, 2014

DE LA SOUL - "Dilla Plugged In"

This was released a couple of days ago, but i wanted our album compilation "The UpRising" stay on top for at least two and a half days. But this one's real interesting, and you know that De La Soul is one of my favorites - the way they have managed to move with the times without ever selling out is just unbelivable and since this year marks the 25:th anniversary of their classic debut there's a lot of De La coming your way. Out of several releases and mixtapes to be soon released are a mixtape with De La going in over mostly unreleased Dilla beats which really got me hyped - I love listening to all of the De La/Dilla collaborations from the past as a little mini album because these guys had such mad chemistry. The mixtape is called "Smell The D.A.I.S.Y." and will be entirely made up of the trio of De La going in over Jay Dee bangers, and now you can hear the first single which is called "Dilla Plugged In" and sounds real good. The second mixtape they got coming is one produced exclusively by Pete Rock and DJ Premier (!) and is called "Premium Soul On The Rocks". Once these two have been released we will finally get the first official De La album in 10 years - enitled "You're Welcome". Can't wait!

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