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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

[Comp] GROOVE MERCHANTZ - "Double Grooves Vol. 2"

As promised, the second installment (or the second "disc") of my Groove Merchantz compilation is finally here (check Part 1 here). I don't think I have to go over their credentials and my reasoning behind doing this again, but I will say that this one came out just as banging, speaking volumes on why these two (V.I.C. and Godfather Don) are still two of the most underrated producers out there. Featuring 16 cuts, three of which are produced by both of them under the Groove Merchantz name and kicking off the compilation, followed by individual productions from the both and as always I recommend a front-to-back listen. Again, it's definitely not easy to find pictures of these guys and as I currently don't have photoshop you'll have to do with a simple pic of V.I.C. hiding behind a record borrowed from the dope UNKUT interview a few years back (which I strongly recommend you read ASAP if you missed out on it). Also in the first part the actual file folders and everything was titled correctly but it's "Double Grooves" and not "Dusty Grooves" as it references the increcible grooves both of these fantastic producers are able to conjure up for real hip-hop head's listening pleasures. Hope you enjoy and be sure to TURN IT UP!!

01. Nas - "One Love" (Ft. Sadat X) [Groove Merchantz Remix]
02. Bas Blasta - "The Rhythm" (Ft. Lord Finesse, Fat Joe & JuJu) [Groove Merchantz]
03. Rawcotiks - "Real Heads" [Groove Merchantz]
04. Big Punisher/Terror Squad - "Brave in the Heart" [V.I.C.]
05. Artifacts - "That's Them" [V.I.C.]
06. Cenobites - "I Was Forgotten" [Godfather Don]
07. Casual - "Same O.G." [V.I.C.]
08. Royal Flush - "It's Royal Flush" [Godfather Don]
09. Ultramagnetic MC's - "Saga Of The Dandy, The Devil & Day" [Godfather Don Remix]
10. Brick City Kids - "Brick City Kids" [V.I.C.]
11. DJ Clue Ft. Mobb Deep & Noyd - "The Professional" [V.I.C.]
12. Infamous Mobb Ft. Prodigy & Noyd - "Killa Queens" [V.I.C.]
13. Screwball Ft. Prodigy & Godfather Don - "The Heat is On Remix" [G.D.]
14. Non Phixion Ft. Hostyle - "Don't Get Beside Yourself" [V.I.C.]
15. Godfather Don - "Memories"
16. Stretch & Bobbito Ft. Black Thought, Absolute, Common & P. Monch - "Live From the Stretch & Bobbito Show" [V.I.C.]