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Saturday, April 26, 2014

[Comp] SCREWBALL - "Street Conflicts"

I always been a sucker for that true gangster street-edged, hardcore East Coast hip-hop and when the Queensbridge quartet known as Screwball came out with their 2000 debut "Y2K" i was simply in awe. Since the crew of Blaq Poet, Kyron, KL and Hostyle hardboiled debut album, which included such monsterous bangers as "F.A.Y.B.A.N.", "Who Shot Rudy?", "Attn. A&R Department", "On The Real", to name a few, the crew released the dope but definitely not up-to-par "Loyalty" LP in 2001 (which of course despite featured a shit load of bangers, it's after all Screwball we're talking about). This was followed by a slamming compilation called "Screwed Up" featuring some of the best works from both official LP:s as well as a few remixes, B-sides and previously unreleased cuts. Yet there are a bunch of Screwball and/or Screwball related material that didn't make any official album released under the group's name (including guest apperances, a few solo tracks by members and some real rare single releases under the Screwball name). Being that these QB OG's are amongst my favorite crews of all times a compilation of these tracks (which also includes a very few amount of cuts from "Screwed Up"). With 18 songs and about 70 minutes of pure QB hardcore hip-hop from these lyrical beats this compilation was really a no brainer, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

On an important side note - This one is dedicated to my main man as it's one of his favorite groups - happy birthday Big Rob! BOOO-HAAAA!!

01. Screwball - "Screwed Up" ["Screwed Up 12" - 1996]
02. Screwball - "They Wanna Know Why" ["Screwed Up 12" - 1996]
03. Hostyle - "Victory Or Defeat" [DJ Mugg's "Soul Assassins II" - 2000]
04. Screwball - "Beat'Em On The Head" [Cookies-N-Cream 12" - 1999]
05. Screwball - "Cookies-N-Cream" [Cookies-N-Cream 12" - 1999]
06. Screwball - "Give It Up" [W.C.W. Mayhem: The Music 12" - 1999]
07. Blaq Poet, Kyron & Nutso - "Nuts & Screws [Collector Item EP - 2009]
08. Kamakazee & Blaq Poet - "Right Here" [It's All Good VLS - 2004]
09. KL, Hostyle & Cormega - "Street Conflict" [Molemen's "Killing Fields" - 2006]
10. Screwball & Cormega - "What's The Deal" [What's The Deal VLS - 2002]
11. Screwball - "Fuck Y'All Niggaz" [Q-Butta & Ric Rude Mixtape - 2006]
12. Kamakazee - "Spread It Remix" [Snakes 12" - 1996]
13. Screwball - "Suck My Dick" [Heat Is On 12" - 1999]
14. Screwball - "First Blood" [F-A-Y-B-A-N 12" - 1999]
15. Screwball, Prodigy & Godather Don - "Heat is On II" [Screwed Up - 2004]
16. Blaq Poet & Hostyle - "Thinkin' About Cash" [Beatnut's "Stone Crazy" - 1997]
17. Hostyle & Infamous Mobb - "Born Again" [Special Edition LP - 2002]
18. Screwball - "On Point" [V/A "Hip-Hop Independent's Day II" - 1998]


  1. Thanks brother!

    Vi ses på tisd, PZ

  2. Hey! Your blog is awesome. I know it's not for request uploads, but I'm tryin' to find some music. I am a Screwball fan too. Any chance to get the Kamakazee's Snakes / Spread It (Remix) and Hostyle's Live From New York? And the Somebody Else Bumped Your Girl 12'' by Freddie Foxxx? Thanks in advance. Long life to The Lost Tapes!

  3. Please re-up tis compilation Screwball QB 4 ever. sig mig er der lige en hilsen på dansk eller svensk fra Rob? lol