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Saturday, April 26, 2014

[OG Mix] GHOSTFACE KILLAH - "Slept On Tony"

I simply love original, unreleased mixes of dope material popping up every now and again from my favorite artists. Such is the case with Ghostface Killah and his rare original mix of "Slept On Tony", produced by DJ Finesse and Anthony Acid in 2007 for the "Ironman Soundtrack". While this version is certainly even doper than the version that, despite not making the soundtrack, turned up on the Ghost compilation "Ghost Deini The Great" (although I had a guilty pleasure for that disco driven dancefloor monster as well). The uncredited "remix" appeared as two previously unreleased Ghost tracks - the other being "Ghostface X-Mas". You can check download both versions of "Slept On Tony" below, and last but not least much thanks to Unbroken for putting me on to this true gem.

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