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Saturday, April 12, 2014

SHABAAM SAHDEEQ - "That Dope" (Ft. Wais P & Sha Stimuli)

Shabaam Sahdeeq killed it every time he appeared on a single or track back in the Rawkus era, which I recently celebrated on the compilation "FUCK Rawkus". Following that he had a few years and dropped a few projects that clearly didn't make his skills any justice at all. The last few years however, with very momemorable guest apperances on records by DJ Spinna, Lewis Parker, and DJ Skizz to name a few. The latter is also the producer behind "The Dope", the first single from Sahdeeq's just announced fifth official album; to be titled "Keepers Of The Lost Art". Looking at the tracklist (see below), this definitely looks CRAZY, good to see a lot of Lewis Parker, DJ Skizz, DJ Spinna and I'm especially hyped about the features from Tragedy and REKS. The album drops on April 22, according to iTunes.

01. Keepers Of The Lost Art (prod. by Res Nullius) 
02. Conceited Confidence (prod. by Ran Reed) 
03. Playing Games (prod. by Lewis Parker) 
04. Speak Truth (feat. Reks & Kamala) [prod. by DJ Ready Cee] 
05. Walk With the Light (prod. by Lewis Parker) 
06. That Dope (feat. Wais P & Sha Stimuli) [prod. by DJ Skizz] 
07. Hardbody & Heavy (feat. Half A Brick, EastKoast & DJ Dister) [prod. by Lewis Parker] 
08. Tranquilo (prod. by Harry Fraud) 
09. Grown Man Hustle (feat. Eric Rico) [prod. by Lewis Parker] 
10. The Come Back Kid (feat. Skyzoo and F.T.) [prod. By DJ Skizz] 
11. Seasons Change (prod. by Lewis Parker) 
12. City of Fame (feat. Mic Handz) [prod. by Teike van Baden] 
13. He Who Dares (feat. Lewis Parker) [prod. by Lewis Parker] 
14. Fall In Line (prod. by DJ Wonder) 
15. O.G. Certified (feat. Tragedy Khadafi & DJ Ready Cee) [prod. by Lewis Parker] 
16. Done It All (feat. Bekay) [prod. by DJ Dister] 
17. Relax (Remix) [prod. by DJ Dister] 
18. Energon 2 (feat. Spit Gemz & DJ Dister) [prod. by One Take] 
19. Honor Me Now (Remix) [prod. by Science of Vinyl Villains] 
20. U Don’t Want None (feat. General DV) [prod. by AlterBeats] 
Bonus Tracks (Digital Only): 
21. Cut From a Different Cloth (feat. Hakim) [prod. by Donald Robinson Cole the 3rd]
22. Do You (prod. by DJ Spinna) 
23. Motion Picture (prod. by DJ Spinna)

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