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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

JAY DEE - "Give 'Em What They Want"

Between "Welcome 2 Detroit" and "Champion Sound", Jay Dee was hard at work on his second solo album under the working title "Pay Jay" for MCA Records. The LP was a bit different from previous Yancey projects as it showcased his talents as a microphone maste while the beats were supplied by some of Dilla's inspirations - KanYe West, Pete Rock, ?uestlove, Karriem Riggins, Supa Dave. Biml amd a bunch of oters. The MCA deal also included the signing and release of a ful-length by local unknowns Frank-N-Dank, "48 HRS", entirely produced by James Yancey. Unfortunately both projets were ultimately shelved, but not long ago the FND album was released on CD and 2xLP (along with the instrumentals) on Yancey Media Group That leaves Yancey's MCA solo the only release left that the late Detroit legend actually woked on and had full creative control over.

Back in 2011 a rough rip of the album was leaked as "Pay Jay" and featuring 10 songs and an alternative mix. The closing track on that bootleg was a joint called "The Diary" and listening to the lyrics and overall vibe of the track - it was quite easy to see that this was actually the intro to the album, so it comes as no suprise that "The Diary". Now finally Pay Jay Records, the label run by the Dilla estate, is releasing the full album in all its glory and as far as I am concerned this is by far the most interesting Jay Dee release since 2006:s "The Shining". Two 12" singles have been released previously visa Rappcats, ("Trucks" B/W " "; "Diamonds" B/W "Ice") and now a third and final EP is being made available before the actual alnum is unleashed,

"Give 'Em What They Want" is produced by Dilla himself, while the B-side "The Doe" features another vocal performance oof the same lyrics set over a completely different Supa Dave West track. Last but not least, the EP is rounded out with another Supa Dave West produced cut called "So Far", which I believe is the same as "No One Knows" on rhe original bootleg. The EP of courss also ncludes instrumenals to both the A and Bösude. The EP is released on May 5 and can be picked up from                                                                                                                                   .

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