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Friday, April 25, 2014

[Trailer] eMC - "The Turning Point" LP

Being as Masta Ace is one of my absolute favorite rhymers of all time, the recent news of a brand new eMC album on M3 Records to drop very soon is amazing shit in my book (despite "The Show" never being the classic many claimed to me). I've seen them live too a couple of years back, and the flawless chemistry they provide on scene was even better proof than their debut of how good these guys (Ace, Stricklin', Punch & Words), compliment each other. Let's just hope they grab some crazy beats and we should all be good. The album is called "The Turning Point" and drops worldwide already May 20 so be on the lookout. Being that it's Ace and M3 I would be very suprised if this doesn't make it to a vinyl release as well. Check out the trailer above and make up your own mind!

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