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Monday, April 21, 2014


With the release of Mobb Deep's suprisingly sick "The Infamous Mobb Deep (Super Deluxe Edition)" I figured this was a perfect time to bring out producer/DJ Drasar Monumental's 13-track remix album of his personal interpretations of some of the M-O-B-B's hardest joints. The mix is called "Remix Weaponry" and was created in 2011 for VendettaVinyl and is a free download that comes highly recommended as it features Mobb's vintage lyrics over Drasar's bombastic sample heavy producion. Of course followers of The Lost Tapes are well aware that Drasar Monumental is one of the most intersting producers around in my opinion; so much in fact that his two projects with MF GRIMM, "Good Morning Vietnam (Pts. 1 & 2)" was considered the best project of 2013 by yours truly, In further news considering "Good Morning Vietnam Vol. 3" , I just got words from Drasar that 95% of the project is now completed and GRIMM is rhyming like a man possessed on these tracks. How about that?! Stay tuned for more news...

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  1. Nice! LOve D.M and Grimm's underrated!! :-/