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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

ULTRAMAGNETIC MC's - "Ain't It Good to You" [PAUL C Mix]

Damn, this is a real gem that TR Love and Marc Davis' label Black Pegasus dug up for us right here! Limited to 200 copies this piece of vinyl features a previously unreleased version of Ultramagnetic MC's "Ain't It Good to You" (as heard on 1988:s stone cold classic "Critical Beatdown"), mixed by none other than the legendary super engineer Paul C. Check out the official track description and the promo video below, and head over to Black Pegasus Music to grab a copy while they're still around.

"Just like the album version it uses the Manzel "Jump Street" sample, but this time around TR and Ced-Gee chopped and programed it slightly different on the SP1200. The track is sped up a bit faster and adds more of the soulful parts from the break beat. As incredible as the programming is the real power of this record comes from late all-star engineer/producer Paul C.'s mixing and editing of this Holy Grail.

Once again Paul C.'s innovative 808 bass sounds are still damaging ear canals while he manages to add a slight twist with Ultra incredible drops (different from the album) that are perfectly timed and bring out the best of Kool Keith and Ced-Gee's scientific flow!! When you hear the verse where Kool Keith lyrically insults the great Rakim with "I see your balls of clay with x vision/I'm a scientist your stage lights are weak/they get dimmer every time I speak" you really feel the wrath of Ultra!! The Sweet vocal side and the triple O.G. instrumental makes this unseen release a true Ultra sure shot!"

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