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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

DJ MARK LUV Mixtape Song [prod. by J DILLA] (2001)

I remember when I was really hunting the complete J Dilla discography; the ones I couldn't get on CD or vinyl I at least strived to find for download )so that I would be able to hear everything from my #1 musical hero. Eventually I had everything in one format or the other using guidelines like Stones Throw's official J Dilla discography, wikipedia, and much later Wajeed's Bling 47 site as well as random google searches and whatnot. I eventually managed to find  everything listed on those sites, except for one single joint that I couldn't find anywhere. The track in question was listed on Stones Throw and Wiki as a song by Subtitle with the title Mark Luv Mixtape song, released 2003 on a compilation called "Greatest Hit$$". Needless to say I never found neither the song nor the album, However, a while back I came across a YouTube rip of it that was so-so in quality, but at least I managed to hear it and it's a fucking crazy posse cut of West Coast emcees over a digitized progressive Dilla production very reminiscent of the sound he fucked with around the millenium shift (think Phat Kat, the original Frank-N-Dank records, "Welcome 2 Detroit").

Then a week or two ago I stumbled across a mixtape by DJ Mark Luv from 2001 entitled "Required Audio" that features a lot of underground bangers that were at hot at the moment. But as track #22 and the final track is an untitled song simply titled as the emcees who appear on it - and that is the Dilla produced banger that features verses from LMNO, Murs, Mykill Miers, PSC and Subtitle. This one's a real headbanger and definitely one of the rarer cuts in James Yaney's catalouge so don't sleep because this is one you don't want to miss! I know I didn't, considering I searched for years for a good quality rip of this (although it's from a mixtape, there's no drops and Mark Luv lets the whole song play without interruption - plus it's ripped in 320 kbps). Well, what can I say... TURN IT THE FUCK UP!!!

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  1. Considering Phife released '4 Horsemen [192 N It]' around 2000 you can assume it was the instrumental jacked for this posse cut. They certainly did a better job than Phife's weak crew on the ill Dilla cut. Needs to be re-upped.