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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

[EP] V/A - "Hip-Hop Underground's Finest" (1999)

Now this is a real underrated underground gem that was released on the always trustworthy Hydra Entertainment back in early 1999, highlighting some of the artists or producers half-affiliated with the label around that time like Prince Po, Godfather Don (of course), L Swift of Natural Elements, Edo G, Sir Menelik and more with production supplied by Don, Nick Wiz, Alchemist, Prince Poetry, DJ Spinna, and Rich Boogie so you know this is a quality release that you need to get up on if you haven't heard it before. It was released on both CD and 2x12" on Hydra Entertainment, and this rip features all the six main tracks from the CD edition; unfortunately excluding the instrumental and clean versions however. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do, pure underground hip-hop at it's finest with some of my favorite producers of the era and some very impressive vocal performances as well (and some not so impressive - High & Mighty I'm looking at you, but with a dope Alchemist beat to back them up it gets a pass). Download, TURN IT UP!! and enjoy!

01. Godfather Don, Sir Menelik & Mic L - "No Competition" [prod. Godfather Don]
02. Matt Fingaz w. Punch & Words - "Just Ask Us" [prod. Nick Wiz]
03. L Swift & Eddie Brock - "Meltodown" [prod. Rich Boogie]
04. High & Mighty - "The Conflict" [prod. by The Alchemist]
05. Ed O.G. - "You All About Nothin'" [prod. by DJ Spinna]
06. Prince Po & Boku Rule - "Hot Syrup" [prod. by  Prince Poetry]

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