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Friday, May 2, 2014

[Album] AG & GHETTO DWELLAS - "Take it Back to '99"

Being the huge D.I.T.C fan that I am the crew has a tendency that from time-to-time drop free or limited projects out of nowherre which is always extremely welcome. AG recently started his new website and where he just let loose of a free download of a previously unreleassed 1999 EP he and The Ghetto Dwellas made together with production from Show and Amed, pretty much making it akin' to a Wild Life Entertainment release although it might be slightly before that labels time. Although some of these tracks have been released on later releases like "Rare & Unreleased" albums and a few on 12" songs, and unforutnately some of the songs cut off before they have run their course, making the 11 set into an EP clocking in at 21 minutes rather than a full album. Still this is a must hear for any D.I.T.C. fan, and especially as there's not that much Ghetto Dwellas material availalble (R.I.P. P-80) so be sure to BANG YOUR HEAD TO THIS!!

EDIT - The homie FreezyPazzy from the Philaflava/T.R.O.Y. forums came through big time on this and hooked me up with the full album, so no more two minutes snippets. Here is the full thing, and the link is just re-upped and should be working... DITC/Wild Life in the house!

01. "Intro" [prod. by Amed]
02. Ghetto Dwellas - "Flip Shit" [prod. by Amed]
03. AG - "Come On" [prod. by Show]
04. Getto Dwellas - "God Made Dirt" [prod. by Show]
05. Party Arty - "The Party Y'all" [prod. by Amed]
06. Ghetto Dwellas - "We R G&D" [prod. by Cochise]
07. AG, Ghetto Dwellas Ft. OG Ruc - "You Ain't A Killa" [prod. by Amed]
08. D-Flow - "Get It Dusty" [prod. by Show]
09. Hellbound - "You Don't Really Want It" [prod. by Amed]
10. AG, Hellbound & Courtland Cartel - "Ain't Nuthin'" [prod. Amed]
11. AG Ft. Joshia - "Will Be There For You" [prod. by Show]


  1. Been trying to figure out why the songs all get cut off at 2 minutes...

  2. BC-TW - i actually managed to find the entire thing, with full songs about a week or two ago... the reason i posted this "snippet tape" is bc this is how AG posted it on Facebook... i will ask the guy who hooked me up with the full thing if its ok for me to post it on here and i'll make a new post of it! shouldn't be a problem, so stay tuned

  3. As long as you mention my name, I'm fine with it. Go ahead my friend. ;)


  4. Freezy - yessir of course, i wouldn't have it any other way. i always try gove credit where it is due.. i just couldn't remember who it was when i wrote the comment above haha :)

  5. re-upped!!!
    and the full thing too, no more 2 minutes snippets... huge thanks to my man FreezyPazzy!