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Friday, May 16, 2014

[Video] THE ROOTS - "Understand"

"Understand" is one of the stand-out tracks from The Roots' upcoming album "& Then You Shoot Your Cousin" featuring strong performances from Black Thought, Dice Raw, and Greg PORN over the sonics of what gospel soul sounds like in the context of hardcore hip-hop. It is also the second choice for single from the album and just like with "And The People Cheer" it's an animated video. I wrote some early impressions during my first listen of the album the day before yesterday and I have been given it lots of spins since then - however, I noticed that there is yet ANOTHER full-length song that Black Thought doesn't at all appear on, which is the final track, making the project featuring a total of SIX Black Thought verses. Now what the hell's that all about? Dissapoinitng to say the least... But oh well, the album is getting a lot of spins so I can't complain too much.

In related news, The Roots (?uestlve and Tariq) was up at Sway's Hip Hop Nation show at Sirius yesterday and dropped some marvelous shit to get your mouth watering. Check out that clip below.

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