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Friday, May 2, 2014

[EP] THE QUANTUUM - "Paragon EP"

The Quantuum is a new duo signed to Cannibal Ox's independent label Iron Galacy Glick label who consists of producer Bill Cosmiq and writer Salvador. They definitely have a refreshing sound and it's clear that the talented duo of Vast Aire and Vordul Mega feel the same way as their entire latest EP "Gotham" was laced by Bill Cosmiq to great effect. According to themeselves their mission is to bridge the Golden Era hip-hop they grew up with more spaced out experimental sound and juding by what I've heard so far they are making a fine job at just that. While waiting to produce heavily on Can' Ox, Vast Aire and Crimson Godz upcomming album, they just released their "Paragon EP" which is built on eight songs, featuring a very interesting experimental but heavily sample-driven boom bap esque production underlining Salvador's metaphorical rhymes. If you like this, good news that this is just a lil' teaser for a forthcoming album that should drop sooner or later. Also check for Vast Aire who appears on the sicckness entitled "Sirius Star". You can show your support by purchasing the digital project directly from iTunes.

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