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Friday, May 16, 2014

MIDAZ THE BEAST - "The New #52" (Vol. 17, 18, 19)

Since I haven't been updated The Lost Tapes as much as I would have preferred this last month, two relatively new exclusives from L.T. favorite MidaZ The Beast's "The New #52" series (the weekly music serial released by MidaZ and his camp once every week together with complete single artworked designed by talented comic book artist Gift Revolver) slipped under the radar. As I often say, better late than never, so be sure to check out the latest madness from The BEAST. First out is "Gotta Get Over" (which you'll find uptop) where you find MidaZ going in HARD over the dark funk (complete with sinister strings, a chopped hard bop sax, vocal stabs, a pounding bass line, and even a broken accoustic piano while our man goes deep - might just be one of my favorites from the series yet!

Second cut is a more laid-back, bass heavy "Grown Fol Music" where MidaZ takes a lyrical journey between battle type lyrics and the occassional more spiritual and/or introspective lyric. The constant bass line and the drum programming (the latter which is very, very low in the sonic image. The electric bass and the ocassional rhodes however is what truly makes this track a long with impressive verses by guest emfcee Kinetic 9 of Killarmy fame and of course MidaZ himself. Powerful song for real, and not suprisingly produced by IMAKEMADBEATS,

The most recent "New #52" track is a HARDCORE posse cut produced by AJ of Dynaite Bruh's, and started out as a Sha Stimuli track featuring Wordsworth (the finished song also features D'Augustine). I absolutely love rugged and raw posse cuts of this nature, uncompromising and hard hitting so I might even go out on a limb and say that this is the sickest yet out of all the "New #52" releases. To check out all entires in the series so far, CLICK HERE.

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