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Saturday, May 17, 2014


I first came across Detroit duo Lawless Element when I stumbled across their Jay Dee produced 12" single "The Shining" which also featured a sick Phat Kat assisted cut on the flip. Since then I've been keeping an eye open for the works of producer/emcee Magnif and rapper JH-Allday (formerly known as Griot). Soon after they released their heavily slept-on full-lengther "Soundvisions", which featured beats by Dilla, Young RJ, Madlib and Magnif as well as guest spots from Dilla, Phat Kat, Big Tone, Melanie Ruthford and more. If you like Detroit hip-hop and still haven't heard this one, be sure to hunt it down for yourself.

After some pushbacks "Soundvisions" were finally released in late 2005, and was a commercial flop. However, last year the duo reunited and released the free EP "Detroit Badboys". Now Magnif is hooking up with no other than Elementality's legendary producer Ayatollah for a full-length LP to be called "Tha Real" coming later this year. Sounding good for real, so watch up1

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