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Saturday, May 24, 2014

JERU THE DAMAJA Breaks Down "The Sun Rises" on 'YOU MUST LEARN' Pt. 1

"You Must Learn" is a new podcast created by long-time friend of Lost Tapes Dharmic X with Peter Oasis and Evans of UpNorthTrips that will be focusing on the making of classic hip-hop albums through interviews with the main artists. First out is something for the real boom bap heads as they've got Jeru The Damaja down for a 40+ minutes interview focusing entirely on the creation of his debut album "The Sun Rises in the East" - one of the illest hip-hop albums ever created if you're asking me. Here he takes us track-by-track through the album while also sharing a lot of interesting stories around it. A must hear in other words, and for future installments you can subsscribe to "You Must Learn" via iTunes, Stitcher, etc. Enjoy this one y'all!

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