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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

[2xEP] DJ MUGGS Presents CrossMyHeartHopeToDie

Wow, this kind of came out of nowhere as far as I am concerned but a new project spearheaded by DJ Muggs is more than welcome to say the least. His new collective calls themeselves CrossMyHeartHopeToDie and aims to combine music and art direction to the fullest. Behind the musical aspect of the group we find Muggs (production, turntables), Andrew Kline from LA Hardcore band Strife on guitar, and singer and emcee Brevi, with audio/visual technician Sean Bonner rounding out the crew. Add to this a group of creative directors responsible for assuring the music getting the proper visual effects, making them a true multimedia phenomenon. 

Having released two EP:s as of yet, CrossMyHeartHopeToDie's sound isn't exactly hip-hop based though fans of Portishead, Massive Attack, Tricky and DJ Shadow should find something to like. Personally, I have just finished listening to both sets, "Hope to Die EP" and "Vita E Morte", and I can say that I am definitely looking forward to the official full-length debut which according to a new interview with Muggs is half done as of now. He also reveals that a new Cypress Hill LP is in the works and is 60% done, which is great news as it's coming from Muggs which should mean that he's a lot more involved this t0ime around. Be sure to check out the interview @ YourMusicToday, visit CMHTD @ Soundcloud or iTunes.

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