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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

[EP] DJ SHADOW - "The Liquid Amber EP"

I'm real ecited to announce that DJ Shadow has just released a free three track EP that's as experimental as his more recent music. A lot of hip-hop nerds claims that Shadow completely lost it after his masterpiecces "Entroducing" and its spiritual successor "Pre-Emptive Strike". While those might of course be his best work, Shadow still can make extremely interesting music - his last solo album "The Less You Know, The Better" was one of the strongest albums of 2010 and had incredible replay value. This new EP, "The Liquid Amber", is filled with live instrumentation, obscure samples, chaotic arrangements and powerful drums with a production that evokes the old Rick Rubin records where he prefered to be credited as "reduced by" or "remix ruined by....". I wouldn't say it's a masterpiece but it gives a good taste of what's to come from a full-length DJ Shadow album in 2014. The ten track EP is made up of two new songs ("Ghost Down"; "Mob") a long with a noisey to ambient power remix of Machinedrum's Six Drums.
          Also I haave a strong feeling that this is a grower. with each listen so keep hitting that rewind button..'Nuff talk, check it out for youself below, but be sure to bang this MF LOUD!

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