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Sunday, August 3, 2014

CORMEGA Interview @ NPR Microphone Check

Having dropped perhaps the best album of the year so far, Cormega sits down with Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Frannie Kelley for an interview from NPR's Microphone Check. Here 'Mega discusses his growth as an artist, his relationship to Nas, the industry, family life, and of course his new album "Mega Philosophy". Enjoy!


  1. Please re-upload your Cormega compilation from 2012... I don't have most of the songs from that comp. been listening to mad Cormega since his album dropped. Thanks in advance and keep up the great work

  2. AJuelz - thanks for the props!
    i don't have that Cormega compilation on hand but i will check my man to see if he can re-up it for us, i would like to have that one again as well (i lost a lot of files when my old computer crashed).. i'll let you know asap

    1. My guy! greatly appreciated b. In my humble opinion, you have the best blog on the internets... a true gem. Thanks again!