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Sunday, August 10, 2014

[Book] ODB: The Dirty Version

Great hip-hop books are far and few in between but there are definitely some real gold to be found amongst the bookshelfs if you look hard enough. Brian Coleman's "Check The Technique" is a must-read for any hip-hop fan, and most recently I read Cristopher R. Weingarten's 150 pages meditation on Public Enemy's landmark album "It Takes A Nation..."; another one I strongly recommend. Now comes a full book on the phenomenon that was the great Ol' Dirty Bastard, fittingly entitled "The Dirty Version". It seems quite legit too since it ís written by Buddha Monk with Mickey Hess. Sounds pretty damn interesting for us Wu heads, don't you think?

You can-pre-order the hardcover edition from Amazon now and get it in time for its official release on November 4 of this year. Just follow this link and a copy can be yours for $25.99! Spotted by Pyrex Visionist @ Wu Corp, so peace to him... Below you'll find a somewhat "rare" joint from the Dirty Bastard - a track he featured on together with Xzibit on one-album wonders M.A.D. Kutz '99 LP "Reelizm".

M.A.D. KUTZ - "Desparate Man" (Ft. ODB & Xzibit)

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