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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

[Comp] PETE ROCK - "The R&B n Soul Brother #1"

As I'm sure you are aware of by now, Pete Rock is one of my absolute favorite artists doing it, right up there with, or in some cases slightly above, DJ Premier, RZA, Diamond D, Large Professor, J Dilla and Marley Marl. He has released countless classic and/or truly great albums, some of the best tracks ever released and cemented his legacy as one of the true flag bearers of the culture. As you might also know I'm not a strickt hip-hop fantatic, but equally impressed by true Soul music, true R&B (not that rap & Bullshit), and jazz to name a few styles I bump on a regular basis. So when one of my favorite hip-hop artists as far as producers goes dwell into these sides of their talents I'm usually very intrigued. Long time readers might remember my well received J Dilla compilations and the one I did for DJ Premier, but the most natural fit of all should be Pete Rock taking into a account his highly soulful sound. This is something I've been wanting to do for a long time, but strangely enough there's really not that many R&B cuts Pete has had his direct involvement in. With some valuable input from my mans Chris Moss and Brandon of Crates Of Jr. I was finally able to put it together, and the result is to me quite fantastic.

There's a few songs that could have been used that I decided against - these are the early soul singles from the early 1990s that's more of an uptempo New Jack swing feel to it (the original Jonny Gil, "Rub You..." remix, the Basic Black joint, etc.). But I managed to round up 15 cuts that really show Pete Rock crafting incredible R&B-based beats for artists like Alexander O'Neal, Leela James, Loose Ends, Monica (much thanks to Brandon for the "Get Down" remix which he ripped from Future Flavaz back then), Jesse Powell, and many more. There's a few songs that feature some additional verses which I don't take away anything from the experience, quite the other way around - and I even choose to include the Scritti Politti/Mos Def remix though it's not really an R&B single at all; yet I felt that the production style matched the other material very well. So without further a due, here is this beautiful set which I have choosen to call "The R&B N Soul Brother #1" and I feel are perfect for listening to with your girl or just relaxing in a calm setting, preferably with headphones. I tried to find the best quality versions I could come across and most of them are 320 rips. Of course much props to all the original rippers on the songs I didn't rip from my personal collection. Don't sleep!

01. Leela James - "No Tears"
02. Alexander O'Neal - "In The Middle" [Brown Mix] (Ft. CL Smooth)
03. Incognito - "Roots" [Pete Rock Remix]
04. Monica - "Before You Walk Out Of My Life" [Pete Rock Remix]
05. Mary J. Blige - "Family Affair" [Pete Rock Remix] (Ft. CL Smooth)
06. Pete Rock & Loose Ends - "Take Your Time"
07. Scritti Politti / Mos Def - "Tinseltown to Boogiedown" [Pete Rock Remix]
08. Monica - "Get Down" [Unreleased Pete Rock Remix] (Ft. Grap Luva)
09. Leela James - "Good Time" [prod. Commisioner Gord & Pete Rock] (Ft. CL)
10. Black Eyed Peas / James Brown - "They Don't Want Music" [Remix]
11. Keyshia Cole - "Got to Get My Heart Back"
12. Pete Rock & Terry Torae - "Made Man"
13. J Dilla & Bilal - "Remember"
14. Jesse Powell - "I Wasn't With It" [Remix] (Ft. Sauce Money)
15. Mack Wilds - "The Art Of Fallin'"

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