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Sunday, August 24, 2014


DJ Wayne Ski and underground king Bumpy Knukcles links back up for Another hardcore banger with "PhlowtayShaun". The pair previously collaborated on one of my favorite joints of last year, the dangerously addictive "PhuckU", as well as on "Peep The Resume" plus "New York, Where Ya At?" (can't forget that stupid fresh "Gang Starr Bus" remix either). A couple months back they dropped  Two additional singles entitled "The Coldest Rap" and "CanI Emcee", respectively, which I believe I missed out on posting back when so you'll find them both streaming below.  If there's one thing these Brothers got it's Chemistry like you woldn't Believe, and Word is that a full-length called The Black Card". is comiing so keep your ears open!

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