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Friday, August 22, 2014

SOULS OF MISCHIEF - "Ghetto Superstar" / "Finally Back"

Man, I'm so hyped for this album! Souls Of Mischief / Adrian Younge's collaborative effort with Ali Shaheed Muhammad hosting is bound to be a fantastic LP judging from all the singles and interviews we've taken part of so far. Both the fourth and fifth single from the album, "Ghetto Superstar" and "Finally Back", have been released simultaneously and both are heavy hitting, old-school flirting banger with emphazis on Rhodes, booming bass and exquisite live drums. You can bet I'm copping "There is Only Now" when it drops on August 28, and so should you! And as that wasn't enough,, Younge and Muhammad is also producing the entirey of Bilal's upcoming album (scroll down to the first single "Sirens II" below for an early taste).

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  1. Album sucks! Adrian Younge does not make major league music .... sorry.