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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


The mysterious The Black Opera, the Mello Music Group crew, and while not all that much is not known for certain about them they got a knack for interesting, alternative hip-hop. In 2012 they released their debtut full-length "Enter The Mission" which saw the outfit collaborate with producers and rhymeeslingers like French beatmaker Astronote, Nick Speed, 14KT, DJ Rhettmatic. A few months later they followed u with "Libretto", somewhat of a rush job if you ask me, but now they are releasing their more real sophomore effort. Produced by Wajeed, Talll Black Guy, 14KT, and more, with a guest aperance by Georgia Anne Muldrow. Sounds promising as hell, and here's the first single "No Water" , produced by Jansor J - enjoy and stay tuned for the full thing!

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