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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

[Album] CANNIBAL OX - "Blade Of The Ronin"

Yes this has been out for a whole week now but I'm not gonna be the guy that didn't post the follow-up album to one of my all time favorites. 2001:s "The Cold Vein" still stands as one of the bigget and most mindblowing projects ever crated in hip-hop, on level with albums like Miles Davis' "Bitches Brew", Sly & The Family Stone "There's A Riot Goin' On", Velvet Underground & Nico's self-titled debut, The Beatles' "Revolver", you get the drill. To me it's by far El-P's best work ever and I doubt he will ever be able to top it, and Vordul and Vast was such a fresh duo that fed so well off each other's energy. While they have ocassionally made guest apperances on each respective solo albums (if you haven't checked out Vordul's solo catalouge, your doing yourself a huge disfavor) until in 2011 they finally released the first new release under the Cannibal Ox name. A three track EP entirely produced by BILL COSMIQ, who delivered a melodic yet thumping sound that was a new sound for the OX, yet also a right sound. 

Two of the songs from the "Gotham" EP also appears on "Blade Of The Ronin", and the majority of the album is prodicued by BILL COSMIQ, which I like since I'm a fan of albums where the producer and artists works extremely closely and evolve the sounds and vibes of the records together. The only song not made in this fashion is the extraordinary single and posse cut with U-GOD and The Artifacts, "Blade: The Art Of Ox", which is produced by the always interesting Black Milk. So here we are, 14 years after I and many of us fell deeply in love with "The Cold Vein" about to press play on their first official sophomore, no bootlegs, no bullshit, no solos with features, 100% pure OX - today was a good day! Visit, head over to iTunes and purchase or get your CD from UGHH (haven't heard anything about a vinyl release yet unfortunately).

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