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Saturday, March 21, 2015

[Video] BIG SHUG - "I Bleed For This"

I haven't been to active on the blog lately, and though this banging joint was released a few days ago, I'ma go by better late than never because this is fucking DOPE. Big Shug and DJ Premier is about as close you're gonna get to new Gang Starr music following GURU's tragic passing (next in line would be Preem and Bumpy's full-length collaborations). Shug might not be the best lyrical cat around, but he got an incredible voice that just sounds incredible over really dope beats. However, I gotta say on Shug's last few album I feel that they are pretty hit-or-miss - to me he needs really good beats to carry him, and a lot of dope guest verses really help him out as he's not quite that great of an emcee to carry an entire album worth. And that's definitely not a stab at Shug, like I said I really dig his commanding voice, but I also feel that he's even better when he's surrounded by other potent emcees.

His latest album is called "Triple OGuz" and is once again released by BRICK Records, and while I haven't heard the LP in its entirety yet the singles I've heard so far is pretty damn banging. He first came out with the DJ Premier produced "Off Rip" Ft. Termanology and Singapore Kane, followed by the GemCrates produced "The Reason". But now comes the DJ Premier produced "I Bleed For This", complete with a video directed by Mystery DL for Ill Mannered films who also did the previous video from the LP. This is a true Big Shug / DJ Premeir collaboration at it's finest, some real bluesy but nicely chopped vintage Preem shit right here with Big Shug truly doing his thing. Premier also produced the album opener "I Am Somebody" which I have yet to hear, and other interesting producers on the project include MoSS, Charles Roane, and a Kid Called Roots. No wax will prolly be released but you can cop the CD @ UGHH or cop it from iTunes as it's out now.
1.) “I Am Somebody” (produced by DJ Premier)
2.) “I Bleed For This” (produced by DJ Premier)
3.) “The Reason” (produced by Gem Crates)
4.) “Days Go By” (produced by Big Shug)
5.) “Never Change” (produced by Reel Drama)
6.) “Not A Fan” f/ Reks & Termanology (produced by Kid Called Quest)
7.) “Triple OGzus” (produced by Kid Called Quest)
8.) “Make That Body Do” (produced by Reel Drama)
9.) “Off Rip” f/ Termanology & Singapore Kane (produced by DJ Premier)
10.) “2 Good” f/ Trumayne (produced by Kid Called Quest)
11.) “All In” (produced by Kid Called Quest)
12.) “Showtime” f/ M-Dot (produced by DJ Brans) cuts by DJ Djaz
13.) “Make Moves, Get Money” (produced by Moss)
14.) “Get It” f/ Singapore Kane (produced by Reel Drama)
15.) “Relationships” (produced by Reel Drama)
16.) “Chase Then Ball” (produced by Kid Called Quest)
17.) “Soldiers It's War Out Here” (produced by Kid Called Quest)
18.) “In The Rain” (produced by Charles Roane for C.R.E.A.M.I.N.C.)

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