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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

[Album] DRASAR MONUMENTAL - "Strictly Weapons"

When MF Grimm announced that he had teamed up to form a duo with producer Drasar Monumental the latter name was completely new to me. Having now released three projects together, there's no question that they are a match made in hip hop heaven and Drasar Monumental is a straight up incredible beat wizard and DJ. I love how each of the respective records are sonic masterpieces in such a cinematic way that they need to be heard from front-to-back (even taking it so far as the CDs and retail downloads comes as one track containing the entire album or EP). It's a fresh concept, and Drasar never allow the listener to get bored as he's constantly introducing new thematic changes in his music, adding skits, beat switches, and INTENSE drum programming. It's a restless production style to say the least, something that might have something to do with his love for punk rock that he told me about in my interview last year.

Besides his work with Grimm, D has also released some stellar mixtapes, remix albums and so on. One of the earliest of these projects are "Strictly Weapons", a 10 songs deep remix tape, of Mr. Monumental's takes on hip-hop classics by Lord Finesse, M.O.P., Onyx and Nas amongst others. As if that wasn't enough in 2010 he also created a full-length Mobb Deep remix LP called "Remix Weaponry". I might very well have posted that before, but either way it's very interesting to hear these two tapes in light of his evolvement to one of last years absolute best albums. Be sure to head over and visit VendettaVinylVietnam where you can buy all that great music from Grimm and D. Don't sleep because this is limited stuff guys and it's definitely something you need in your collection.

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