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Monday, March 23, 2015

CAPONE-N-NOREAGA - "Stay Tuned" [Interlude]

Since Capone-N-Noreaga's "The War Report" happens to be one of my definite favorite LP:s of the late '90s I want to use this post to talk about something perhaps a little lesser known among listeners. Looking at the tracklist you'll see that track #12 is listed as an interlude called "Stay Tuned" with production credit going to Charlemagne (of Natural Elements fame). Strangely enough what is heard is actually the track "Thug Paradise", an up tempo joint that was originally featured on the soundtrack to the Martin Lawrence comedy "Nothing to Lose", claiming D-Moet to be the songs producer. "Thug Paradise", sans Noreaga's verse, was also released as the B-side to Tragedy Khadafi's "True Confession" 12'' on 25 to Life Records in 1997.

So what's this business with renaming one of the more well known songs, claiming it to be an interlude and omitting crediting Tragedy and D-Moet? The answer is that "Stay Tuned" is a completely different track which most likely was cut from the tracklisting at the very last minute. The real Charlemagne produced interlude was eventually made available on the official Best Of CNN compilation "Thugged Da Fuck Out". Listening to that version it is quite obvious that this interlude was intended as sort of a bridge or intermission between Part 1 and Part 2 of "The War Report". While the skit does drag on a little bit too long at 3:20 I must say I like the idea and have tried listening to the album with it in place of "Thug's Paradise". You can listen to the song via YouTube up top, or download an Mp3 rip from the aforementioned compilation below. CNN once again, What What?!?!



  1. yo claaa,
    i been checkin my copies and the stay tuned interlude is rite here, aint no thug paradise beat in the album... i dont get it, didnt u get confused on some maybe other pressings?

  2. ^ wow, serious?
    my copy of the album definitely has "Thug Paradise" as track 12 and this song is nowhere to be found

  3. My copy also has the interlude

  4. haa that's really interesting... i was sure that they included the interlude on the "Thugged Out" compilation bc they failed to include it on the LP. i mean it's hardly a Greatest Song of theirs LOL

  5. Mystery solved, thanks!