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Monday, March 2, 2015

[Album] MALIK B. & MR. GREEN - "Unpredictable"

It's pretty fucking unbelivable how many incredible releases we are getting in just like a weeks time right now. And all these albums are some of my most anticipated of all 2015; I mean a new Ghostface, Fashawn's real second album, the return of motherF'ing Cannibal Ox and now the brand new album from The Roots' legend Malik B. who has teamed up with producer Mr. Green for some of that pure, unadulterated hip-hop shit with lots of samples, turntable work, pounding drum programming, jaw dropping loops and lyrics at its finest. Since I've heard the original singles, "Devil" and "Definition" I knew this was going to be something out of the ordinary. Malik B. always was an absolutely mindblowingly ill emcee, but always having to go toe-to-toe with Black Thought (one of the best to ever hold a microphone) would put anybody in the shadow. I think as a solo artist he will finally gets the shine he deserves and with production like this, there's no question that hip-hop heads all over the world will support the realness - at least they should! Stream the album below, but be sure to grab the real deal either by buying the CD @ UGHH or buy your HQ download @ iTunes. As it should be, guest artists are few and far in between, instead focusing on the one MC, one DJ format, though RA The Rugged Man, Skrewtape, Benefit and Nate Green pops up for a song each. Check out the grind house influenced "Rips in the Paper" up top, before streaming the album in its entirety below; shouts to DotGotIt for the link.


  1. Unpredictable is a classic. I know it's a lil early to call it that, but it bangs the whole way through and I don't skip any tracks. That to me is the definition of a CLASSIC.

  2. fantastic album all the way i agree.. however i think the term classic is also something that has to do with time and how an album age. i'd go as far as calling a new album a masterpiece, but some LP:s that are straight front-to-back bangers on the first 40 listens don't hold up 20 years later.