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Friday, March 6, 2015

SOUNDSCI - "Hunger Pains"

In 2014 WhoSampled gathered a team of hardcore UK digger to put together an album  that would blend the positivies of the analog and digital (for the record, I'm still not happy about sites like that). They invited these diggers, producers and music conisseours inside the vaults of library music specalist Imagem. Well there these guys, which included at leasst two of the Soundsci mebers (the UK producers The Process), The mission with the process (no pun intended) was to locate some really rare, originl recordings of Boosey & Hawkes, In case that name don't ring a bell, these hustlers are considered to be the largest specialists in publishing classical music in the entire world. The duo were also big on the scene of brass, string, and woodwind musical instruments. Pre-order and read more here.

And WhoSampled inviting artists to Imagem is resulting is o one-of-a-kind remix album were the artists have the actual DAT Tapes, much in the same vein Madlib had when he made his best record yet "Shades Of Bue" on Blue Note. The tracklisting could and should look more interesting on such an unique project, but I'm not gonna rate the book by it's cover because I love the idea. And my homie in Soundsci is on it so of course at least one track going to be the BOMB as they used to say. It's a lmited 10" vinyl featuring Soundsci, Illastrate, Mr. Thing, Phill Most Chill and then some. The proect drops on March 30- but already know you can hear the song at last I am here for: the excellent Soundsci contribution "Hunger Pains". TURN IT UP!!

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