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Sunday, March 22, 2015

[comp] ERICK SERMON - "A Platform of Brilliance"

People love and will always hold the early EPMD albums in the higest regards among other classic hip-hop albums, equally because of PMD and E's intricate front-to-back rhyming but also because of the duo's funky sample-heavy beats that solidified Erick Sermon as one of the best producers around (don't be completely fooled though, as PMD had a lot of production input as well - especially on their first album "Strictly Business" as revealed to Brian Coleman in his chapter on the album from his "Check The Technique"). Still The Green Eyed Bandit has proven time and time again that he's a super dope producer with or without EPMD, as he has produced at least two out of three classics for Redman (he was involved in "Dare Iz A Darkside" but the bulk of the beats was handled by Reggie himself). Reading Erick Sermon's name in the credits of a new hip-hop album was a true mark of quality However I do have to admit that past 2004 or something like that hes been more and more generic in his sound, though he ocassionally comes through with some real hardhitting shit that we all love.

For this compilation I decided to focus more on E-Dub's earlier material, past the early EPMD albums and up until about 2000 (and mostly earlier). These tracks to me represent stands as a good compliment together with the classic albums Sermon has produced as the reason why he is still to this day considered a living legend in the game. Erick Sermon has always been very good at killing beats for both R&B and hardcore hip-hop artists, and even the ocassional ragga artist like Super Cat, so I decided to make this compilation pretty diverse within those categories. Featured on the compilation are a couple of Sermon solo cuts, Def Squad, Keith Murray, Shaquille O'Neal, LL Cool J, Redman, K-Solo, D'Angelo, Bahamadia, AZ, Jodeci, and more. As usual the Def Squad tracks on here (Red, E-Dub, Keith Murray) is non album tracks/soundtrack joints and such, basically stuff that you won't find on either of these guys albums. If you're not up on them yet, be sure to check out Redman's entire catalouge, Keith Murray's first albums, large parts of Erick Sermon's catalouge, and of course all the EPMD albums (yeah even the last one is pretty ill if you ask me)... and whatever you do, TURN IT UP!!!
01. Erick Sermon - "Maintain"
02. Bahamadia - "I Confess" [Erick Sermon Remix]
03. AZ - "Gimme Yours" [Erick Sermon Remix]
04. Shaquille O'Neal - "My Style, My Steelo" (Ft. Redman & Erick Sermon)
05. Da 5 Footaz - "Candidates"
06. Heavy D & The Boyz - "Take Your Time"
07. D'Angelo - "Me & Those Dreamin' Eyes" [Remix] (Ft. Def Squad)
08. LL Cool J - "Hey Lover" [Remix] (Ft. 112)
09. Erick Sermon - "Battle" (Ft. Sy Scott)
10. Def Squad - "Breaker Breaker, 1,2"
11. Warren G - "I Shot The Sherrif" [Remix]
12. K-Solo - "Rock Bottom"
13. Doctor Dre & Ed Lover Ft. Keith Murray - "It's Goin' Down"
14. Questionmark Asylum - "Lookaway" [Remix]
15. Powerule - "Rock Ya Knot Quick"
16. Dilated Peoples - "The Platform" [Remix]



  1. Good thinking! I still bump Insomnia on the regular. Always been meaning to check out his production work for other artists. THX