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Thursday, March 19, 2015

GORE-TEX - Tracks prod. by DIAMOND D, LARGE PRO & DJ MURO [2004]

Nope this is not Gore-Tex from Non Phixion, but rather a Japanese rapper from the Nitro Microphone Underground crew. In 2004 he released an album on Columbia/Acehigh Records that features a lot of dope producers that any serious boom bap lover knows more than well. Diamond D provides three tracks, including "Mess-Age", Large Professor produced the single "Pyramid" and DJ Muro came through with three joints as well. On top of that it features cuts by the legendary Grand Mixer DXT (of Herbie Hancock "Rockit" fame) on all the Diamond D joints. I've seen it's Discogs page a couple of years ago, but could not find the actual album anywhere. You have to be in Japan to purchase it from iTunes unfortunately, so this was very frustrating for such a huge fan of both Diamond and Large Pro. 

Luckily we can now at least get a taste of what each of the three aforementioned producers brought to the table as kind YouTube users JapaneseHipHopChannel and John Woo, respectively, have uploaded three songs from the album. Up top you hear "Pyramid", produced by Large Professor, while below you'll find "Mess-Age" courtesy of Diamond D plus "Mirror Ball 2004" featuring Microphone Pager and Gore-Tex ripping a Muro beat. As a beat head and fan I thought this was interesting and I imagine a lot of people have missed out on it.. If anyone have the album please contact me!

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