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Sunday, March 22, 2015

[EP] NUTSO - "I Plead The 5th" (2013)

With all the extreme amount of super dope material being released on a regular basis you know it's inevitable that you're gonna miss out on some really sick releases every now and then. Even this year there's some heavy releases that I've been looking forward to that I haven't even banged out yet (Cannibal Ox, Mr. Green / Malik B.). But today I noticed on my FB that the always trustworthy EgoTripLand had posted a 2013 single by severely ill Queens spitter Nutso (p/k/a Nut-Rageous) featuring Kool G Rap and Mic Geronimo (DAMN!). It turns out this is actually a track from a Bandcamp EP that Nutso released in the spring of 2013 called "I Plead The 5th". As I'm listening to the six tracks that make up the EP I am blown away by how dope this is, 

"I Plead The 5th" is a collaboration with producer 5th Seal (hence the double entendre of the EP:s name) who supplies Nutso's rugged lyrics and delivery with a soulful boom bap type of sound that really does the emcee justice. I'm a sucker for the one MC/one DJ formula and the three full projects that I know from Nutso's catalouge are all done in that matter - this one, 2013's excellent collaboration with French boom bap maestro DJ Low Cut called "In The Cut" and most recently that brand new 2015 EP with the homies Divided Souls Entertainment and DJ Pain 1 ("Divided Souls") that is one of the five best albums of the year so far if you ask me. Stream the entirety of "I Plead The 5th" below via Bandcamp where you can also download a HQ Mp3 download in the digital format of your choice. Features comes from Kool G Rap, Mic Geronimo, Punchline, Wais P, Meyhem Lauren, AG Da Coroner, J-Love, and a couple of others. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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