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Friday, November 11, 2011

Anthony Hamilton w/ Scarface (2003)

As good as all the music that passes as Soul and R&B today are absolutely horrendous and lacks all feeling and actual soul, but that's not at all the case with Anthony Hamilton. I picked up his 2003 album "Comin' From Where I'm From" a while ago and I can strongly recommend it to fans of classic 70's soul. Hamilton's voice is incredible and the production is extremely well executed. I'd say that it's probably the best soul album since D'Angelo's masterpiece "Voodoo". But this is not a blog about Soul music so the reason I justify posting this is because it has two strong (although short) "The Fix"-era Scarface verses added to what's already one of my favorites on the LP. This is basically a joint I've been looking after for quite some time and since I recently found it I thought I might as well share it with anyone who might be interested.


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