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Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Return Of Gangrene

It's hard to debate that two of the sickest hip-hop producers still alive and breathing today are The Alchemist and Oh No. Besides a passion for crate digging and raw sonics this duo shares an extremely twisted sense of humor and are no strangers to the microphone either. All these traits was brought to the forefront when Alc and Oh No joined forces as Gangrene and released their album "Gutter Water" in 2010. Not since Dilla and Oh No's older brother Madlib released "Champion Sound" in 2003 has a pair of rhyming producers on this level made something so headnoddingly dope. A shame so many people slept, and still sleeps, on this gem though!

Personally I thought Gangrene was going to be a one off deal but yesterday the news broke that the duo is preparing another dish of musical gutter. Their new album will have the title of "Vodka & Ayahuasca" and will be available on January 24 through Decon Records. The first single, called "Dump Truck", will be released already by the end of this month and is a collaboration with Mobb Deep's Prodigy. Other guests to appear on the LP includes Kool G Rap, Evidence and Roc Marciano. The latter previously hooked up with Alchemist and Oh No for the EP "Greneberg", which remains as one of my finest purchases this year, which is now being released as an instrumental record on iTunes. Read more about the "Greneberg" instrumentals @ Decon.

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