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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mobb Deep - "Water Boarding"

Mobb Deep recently released five new tracks packaged as a "Black Cocaine", an EP I had high hopes for but was ultimately dissapointed in. The word was that the retail release would come strapped with a few bonus tracks but that was not the case on neither the actual CD nor the iTunes release. Prior to the release we had The Alchemist produced "Dog Shit" and "Love Y'All More" and now we get another Al The Chemist laced cut that was deleted from the final product, called "Water Boarding". These three songs together with the Nas' track and maybe one or two more joints from the retail release would guarantee a way better Extended Play that might actually have been worth the $$.



  1. This is one of the bonus tracks on the CD, along with Street Lights. Versions of the CD sold in mom and pop stores have 7 songs. The ones at Best Buy, Amazon and other bigger places only have the five listed on the back. The ones with the bonus tracks have Record Store Day stickers on them.

  2. thanks for the info, i'm not a big fan of "Street Lights" but this track, "Dog Shit" and "Get It Forever" really lets me know that we can not count off The Infamous just yet.