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Friday, February 15, 2013


When I first heard, a couple months back, that young but vintage sounding soul musician Adrian Younge (who most recently revived the studio career of The Delphonics) was producing a full-length album with Ghostface Killah I was, to say the least hyped. "12 Reasons to Die" has been shrudded in secrecy since it was first announced, so what do we really know?; it will most likely feature 12 songs with Ghostface on the mic and Younge on the boards, it will be released on RZA's Soul Temple Records who will also act as the executive producer of the project. Add the cover artwork and it's easy to say that they don't make them like this anymore, so if only it hold up its end as far as music goes - this could very well be the album of the year. Album drops April 16:th, stay tuned for more info.

Well, the moment of truth is here as the first single from the MC/producer's joint album has been released, complete with another mindblowing cover. On "The Rise of Ghostface Killah", from RZA's build-up of an intro, to the analog production by Younge, this is exactly the stuff I want to hear one of the greatest emcees of all time over. Certified heat, we even get horns and turntable work ... I can't wait for the full album to drop if this is any indicationn of what to expcet; and I would be suprised if it is not!

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