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Friday, February 15, 2013

More MASTA ACE '92 Demos Coming

Masta Ace is easily one of my favorite emcees; he's super lyrical, a great story teller, got a crazy live show, seems to be a workaholic, and got a catalouge that's simply amazing. Especially from the early to mid-'90s (The Juice Crew and Slaughtahouse era) seems to have its fair share of demos; the latest demo EP to be released is a six track EP called "Shell Life Vol. 1" that Chopped Herring has released featuring previously unreleased Ace recordings from the '92 era; the very beginnning of the Slaughtahouse Crew in other words. Limited to 300 copies only, it seems that a majority of them are sold out but if you hurry up you should still be able to get a copy. On the other hand, the Vol. 1 in the title should indiciate there's more volume to come so stay tuned for more news. Head over to for more info and place your orders. * As a lil' bonus I uploaded a classic '92 Ace jam in his guest apperance on Brand New Heavies "Wake Me When I'm Dead", in case anyone missed out on that before.

A1. "Kick it On the One" (Ft. Paula Perry)
A2. "Hell Up in Harlem" (Ft. Kid Dynamite a.k.a. Sha Stimuli)
A3. "Jack B. Nimble" [Original Version]
B1. "Ain't Misbehavin'"
B2. "Lonely"
B3. "Ace Iz Wild" [Instrumental]


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