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Saturday, February 9, 2013


JuJu and Psycho LES have been dropping HEAT under The Beatnuts name since the release of their mind-blowing '93 debut "Intoxicated Demons". This was of course followed by their self-titled first full-length, an album which belongs in any list of great hip-hop albums and is my personal favorite in the Nuts' catalouge. Though they are less active today, chances are that if you see a production credit in their name, the track will be fat. One of the illest things about this pair of boom bap fanatics is how they always been able to bridge the reigning underground sounds with their own neck breaking mix of funk, jazz and breakbeat classics, finding devoted fans in all different camps.
It's kind of weird that I haven't put together a Beatnuts compilation before, but better late than never, right? On "The Nuts Factor" I have included 19 nutty bangers, stretching from early remixes for Ice-T and Fat Joe to joints with Dilated Peoples and Soulive in the new millenium, balancing classics and hopefuly what is some rarer cuts. This should be a good hold over while waiting for the "LikNuts" project with Tha Alkaholiks, so grab your bottles, sit back and turn up the volume. Peace to Chris for initiating the idea of this comp.

01. The Beatnuts - "The Trouble is..."
02. Mad Skillz - "The Nod Factor"
03. Screwball - "Screwed Up"
04. Ice-T - "Addicted to Danger" [Remix]
05. Da Lench Mob - "Ain't Got No Class" [Remix]
06. Kid'N'Play - "Bounce"
07. Mondo Grosso - "Le Menage" [Remix]
08. PMD - "Shade Business" [Remix]
09. Da Youngsta's - "It's Natural"
10. Triflicts - "It's Genuine"
11. Down South - "Open Sesame"
12. Fat Joe x Grand Puba x Diamond D - "Watch The Sound" [Remix]
13. No ID x Common x Dug Infinite - "State to State" [Remix]
14. Rhyemester - ""20世紀" [Beatnuts Remix]
15. Rascalz x The Beatnuts - "Can't Relate"
16. Dilated Peoples - "Self Defense"
17. Justice System - "Dedication to Bambaata" [Flamenco Mix]
18. Canibus x Journalist - "Life Liquid"
19. Soulive - "Steppin'" [Beatnuts Remix]


  1. just what the doctor ordered. another ill mixtape. Queens rep. thank you