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Thursday, February 21, 2013


Yamin Semali (a.k.a. AmDex) got his start with the Atlanta, GA hip-hop duo Clan Destined back in the early 2000's, together with Dustin Teague. He's opening up for J-Live at the 5:th HOTvsDOPE event which takes place at the club Sound Table in ATL. Just like J, Yamin slings his music as both an emcee, a producer and a DJ, so you know this triple threat live and breathe hip-hop. This is evident on his brand new solo debut, "Yamin" which features 15 nice cuts ranging from hardedged boom bap to mellow chill-out joints. It's an LP well worth checking out, you can stream the entire thing via Yamin's Bandcamp where you can also purchase the download for $10 or order the physical CD for $12. That's a good deal for hot music like this; most of the music is self produced but guest producers and cameos include Illastrate, Ralo, Dustin Teague (DT), John Robinson, Boog Brown and more. As Jack Nicholson manically yells in "The Shining".... "GO CHECK IT OUT....!!!!!!!"

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