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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dope OH NO interview

Posted at, Chris Moss interviews the spectacular emcee/producer known as Oh No. If you, like myself, found your head banging to the ruff, rugged and raw sounds of "Disrupted Ads" and "OhNoMite" this past year you'll definitely enjoy this piece. Just check this quote about the making of "Vodka & Ayahuasca" with Alchemist:

"Do you even know the process of making this album (Vodka &Ayahuasca)? I can’t recall one moment of making this album –not making a beat, a song, nothing. We really should have filmed the recording process. When I hear it sounds like new music. It’s crazy. Ayahuasca is very potent stuff and we have local hood shamans who make it. Like the album, you are supposed to search for this stuff; it’s not out there in everybody’s face like that. I’d wake up and the MPC would be playing an ill-ass beat. I don’t know; maybe there are little elves making beats (laughs). Maybe there is a team of them working for us."

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  1. yo you put me onto this dude about a year ago. thanks for that. he's ill.