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Monday, February 25, 2013


Gensu Dean, who delivered his fine debut "Lo-Fi Finghaz" last year, has teamed up with Planet Asia for the full-length project "Abrasions". The Mello Music Group release is set for a March 5 release (CD) versus a March 26 for the vinyl set, both which can be pre-ordered from UGHH. Already now, you can take it for a spin via free streaming offered by DJBooth; watch out for sick cameos from Tragedy Khadafi, Twin Gambino and Asia's Gold Chain Military. Overall this is sounding really good, Asia's always bringing the goods and he makes a fine pair with Gensu Dean's beat.

01. "Abrasions Intro"
02. "Thoroughest"
03. "Bar Mitzvah"
04. "Time To Get Dough" (Ft. Twin Gambino & Killa Kali)
05. "Cochise"
06. "Dignity" (Ft. Tri-State)
07. "Aura"
08. "Chichi, Get The Yayo"
09. "Faces On The Dollar"
10. "God Hour" (Ft. AA Rashid & Tri-State)
11. "Tough"
12. "Do What I Want" (Ft. Larina & Washey Choir)
13. "Chuck Berry" (Ft. Shawn Penn)
14. "Listen"
15. "Reflections" (Ft. Rogue Venom)
16. "Thyself" (Ft. David Banner & Tragedy Khadafi)
17. "Coup de Grace (Final Bow)" (Ft. Gold Chain Military)

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