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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

MADKEM - "KOLA LA VIE: The EP Version"

You should all be familiar with MadKem and his brand of quality hip-hop by now. MadKem is part of the Elementality crew, and is a great artist in that he knows how to choose beats that perfectly suits him, sequence records, and got a brilliant microphone style that's both energic, melodic and got something to say. His latest release on the EMPB imprint is a warm up to his upcoming full-length LP "Kola La Vie"; featuring five tracks (and their instrumental) that works as a taste of what's to come and is simply titled "Kola La Vie: The EP". The album will be available in June of this year, through various retailers while the EP is available for free and can be downloaded below. Strongly recommended, and even better you can combine it with the previous late 2012 free Madkem EP "La Vie en Bleu" to create your own MadKem album!


  1. tjena fattar inte hur man tankar hem?? något för dig / perlan..

  2. tjena Per, testa härifrån:

    sen finns det en knapp som det står download på (bredvid "like", "repost" och "share" knapparna). tryck på "download" så sparas en zip fil som du sen får packa upp i winrar eller liknande.

    verkar fet, ska kolla upp den! vi hörs av snart