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Friday, July 19, 2013

[Album] BLUEPRINT x ILLOGIC - "Bend But Don't Break"

Both Blueprint and Illogic have troughout their long spanning careers been the deifnition of the true underground hip-hope scene. Having released several dope underground albums on labels like Def Jux, etc. It's one of the best kept secret on the hip-hop scene, but listening to their new album "Bend But Don't Break". Now the duo's joining forces as the Greenhouse Project. and releasing the EP "Bend But Don't Break" featuring all the usual suspects. The music is slightly different from various previous other projects from these guys, but if you're a fan of these guy's previously it's no doubt you it's no doubt that fans of the older material will dig this one as well. So make sure to hit play and let me know what you think... With 11 tracks of hardknock beats and introspective lyrics, this is definitely one for peeps who love their hip-hop thumping, introspective and very honest. If you're feeling what you're hearing  you can stream the entire project @ The Green House Project. The Project is available in both CD, digital and on wax (the  latter I'n not entirely sure of, but you should check UGHH in a few days). Either way it's a damn fine listen which I strongly recommend for any fan of these guys! 

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