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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

[EP] ALCHEMIST - SSUR EP: The Instrumentals

Few proucers can claim to be both as brilliant and as prolific an arist as Alan The Chemist; there's a so called beatmakers that are able to releases exclusives like they were no tomorrow while still keeping the quality close to 100%.. Over the last couple of years he has proudced projects like "Russian Roulette", "Greneberg", "Voka & Ayahascua", "Gutter Water", "Chemical Warfare", "Rappers Best Friend", "Albert Einstein", "Covert Coup", "360 Waves", "Rare Chaneliers", "No Idols", "Oddito....". ...... well you get the point! 

This guy's probably make beats in his sleep, creating otherwordly psychadelic, and agressive stuff that will have the vast majority of so called beat guys shaking in their panties. His latest endeavour was a free three track digital EP only a few days ago in celebration of the the release of the fresh headgear ALC create in collaboration with SSUR .Now, ALC lets loose of the complete instrumental versions of the entire set, and to no suprise the powerful trinity sound just as powerful ¨in instrumental versions s as well. I really hope we get a 12" EP releas of this with the explicit vocal cuts on the A, and he istros on the flip. If so, count me inn fora purchase. Unfortunately, that still hasn't happened with the "Yacht Rock" EP from last year!

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