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Thursday, July 18, 2013

[Tracklist] MIDAZ THE BEAST - "AU: Another Universe"

A couple of days back we got the first taste of MidaZ The Beast's long awaited solo debut "AU: Another Universe" in the form of "Fire", a single featuring Roc Marciano. Now the CD, which drops on August 20 on HiPNOTT Records, is available for pre-order from UGHH where the tracklist and credits are also revealed as seen below. Tracklist's looking on point, can't wait to give this one a spin!

01. "Intro" [prod. BlaKout]
02. "Champion of the Block" (Ft. Illastrate) [prod. IMAKEMADBEATS; MidaZ]
03. "Will to Fly" [prod. IMAKEMADBEATS]
04. "If Seeing is Believing" (Ft. Sabac Red & Blueprint) [prod. IMAKEMADBEATS]
05. "Goldberg" (Ft. Sharp & Black Gallery) [prod. Oh No]
06. "Fire" (Ft. Roc Marciano) [prod. Marco Polo]
07. "Jane Doe" [prod. Tough Junkie]
08. "Worthless" [prod. TzariZM]
09. "Bad Things" (Ft. TzariZM) [prod. TzariZM]
10. "After Hours" (Ft. Planet Asia & Aahmean) [prod. TzariZM]
11. "Icing On the Cake" [prod. TzariZM]
12. "Mind Control" [prod. Patten Locke a/k/a Therapy of AB's]
13. "Self Actualization" (Ft. Ms. Mylodic) [prod. IMAKEMADBEATS; TzariZM]
14. "Coma" [prod. IMAKEMADBEATS]
15. "Walking Away" [prod. IMAKEMADBEATS]

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