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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

[EP] THE AUDIBLE DOCTOR - "The Summer Tape"

Despite consisting of only four songs, there were few releases out this past winter that got me as excited as The Audible Doctor's brilliantly executed "The Winter Tape". With every track the good Doctor managed to catch and construct the vibe of a cold, winter day and/or night and I loved having that EP blazing in my headphones during train rides absorbing the freezing weather outside the window. Now, he's back with the second installment in his Seasons themed EP series, and as it's a strikingly warm summer this will be the perfect addition to your music library for the coming month. As usual there's a bunch of interesting guests joining in on the all produced Audible Doctor sessions; amongst others we are treated to Edo G, Kurious, Guilty Simpson, Oddisee, Hasaan Mackey and more. Just like, or should I say in contrast, with the previous tape I'm amazed me how well he caught the feeling of a nice warm summer day with that one... The project will be released on actual cassette and later this week on iTunes, but for now you can check out the entire project for free.99 below. I can only hope we will get more additions to this series, and even if the Winter/Summer EP:s are released as a double feature on wax you can bet your ass I'm cashing in!

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