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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Alchemist x Willie The Kid - "Masterpiece Theater"

Just a coupe of posts below this one I gave The Alchemist major props on the huge amount of Extened Plays and full-length LP's he's been blessing the public with as of late. Given that Alan sometimes end up giving some of his finest beats to rather wack rappers like Domo Genesis, it's a definite treat that his latest project is the anticipated collaboration with underrated vocalist Willie The Kid. The two earlier teasers, "Medusa" and "Halal Tuna" promised great things, and the aditional five cuts neither dissapoints or should make you think twice to pull up your wallet and purchase the full EP direct from the artists (link below the tracklist)..

01. "Opening Credits"
02. "Shake Dice" 
03. "Halal Tuna" 
04. "Bad Mistake" (Ft. Alchemist)
05. "Medua" (Ft. Roc Marciano & Action Bronson)
06. "Gettysburg"
07. "Let The Money Stay"


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